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Oh Christmas tree! – Tutorial

  What is the Christmas tree of today wearing? Right, Peg Bail by Vetromagic. Christmas tree – Tutorial   Download or  View Pages online For all of you, who don’t want to work off-mandrel, just work on the mandrel and use a Headpin afterwards with a festive sparkling ball on it’s end. How to make


Angel – Tutorial

For these heavenly creatures we have used the fritblend Strawberry Dream. For the wings and the skirtruffles we used the Petalmagic Pliers. And if you use our Headpins they can fly  😉   Angel – Tutorial Download or  View Pages online   Hier wurde von uns folgende Mischung benutzt: Erdbeertraum | Strawberry Dream


Icicle – Tutorial

  Suitable für the coldest time of the year we created an icicle-tutorial for you. The good thing about them is – they wont melt! For our icicles and other frosty-ideas we made up a new blend: Kühles Eis/Cool Ice   here you find Kühles Eis/Cool Ice   And all who love big icecrystalls use our