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Oh Christmas tree! – Tutorial


What is the Christmas tree of today wearing? Right, Peg Bail by Vetromagic.

Christmas tree – Tutorial


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For all of you, who don’t want to work off-mandrel, just work on the mandrel and use a Headpin afterwards with a festive sparkling ball on it’s end.

How to make these cute little fellows, we are telling you in the new Christmas-tree-tutorial:
See tutorial.

There’s a great variety of different blends you can choose for decoration. For the trees in the picture above we used Golden Summer, Coral Garden und Autumn Sunset (Tipp: Autumn Sunset makes shiny effects when treated very hot!).

And how you get the surgical steel bright and shiny again after working in the flame, we are telling you in our new videotutorial. If you prefer reading how to clean the steel, you can find the text version under tutorials.

Von uns wurden folgende Mischungen verwendet:

autumn-sunset-shop coral_garden-shop
Golden Summer Autumn Sunset Coral Garden
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