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Icicle – Tutorial


https://shop.vetromagic.at/sites/vetromagic.at/files/cool_ice_mzapfen_web2.jpgSuitable für the coldest time of the year we created an icicle-tutorial for you.
The good thing about them is – they wont melt!

For our icicles and other frosty-ideas we made up
a new blend: Kühles Eis/Cool Ice


here you find Kühles Eis/Cool Ice


And all who love big icecrystalls use our Crystal Clear washed!
For especially icy crystalls – pure or mixed with Cool Ice for the certain blue shimmer.


Zu den Kristallklar/Crystal Clear Fritten



Eiszapfen – Tutorial

Here you can download the  Tutorial_frit_icicles as PDF – ready for printout


Your can also try other colors or shapes.
For example the blend  Wildes Wasser/Wild Water or  Blauer Himmel/Blue Sky.

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