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A glimpse of the ocean… by Antje

Antje was busy again and used between other glases the Vetromagic blend „Coral Garden“ to let us have a glimpse of the ocean. We think her hollow beads came out great! Thanks a lot for showing Antje!! Here you can visit Antje sweet and colorful shop! 1001-TRESORS-du-SUD.fr – Antje Beurtheret – 2 Rue Les Eglantines

Burgis tolle Tutorial!!

Cottage-Garden-Bead with morning dew by Burgi – Tutorial

COTTAGE-GARDEN-BEAD with morning dew Tutorial for beads with water droplets Here you can find out what to do with the new clear glasspowder „Morning Dew“! Burgi had the great idea – and did a lot of experimenting – an did this great tutorial for you!! Thanks a lot Burgi!  


Morning Dew – clear glasspowder for cool surface-effects!

  Morning Dew – for subtle dew- and ice-effects on top of for example: flowers, flowerbeads, bellflowers, but also to add salt or sugar-effects on top of drops etc. Glaspowder made of clear italian glass. Grain: starting very fine up to a little coarser.   And here you can find Burgis tutorial:  


First ideas for summer by Antje

  This time our dear french dealer Anjte tested our Surgicalsteel-Wire! Take a look! Thanks Antje!! And here you can visit her sweet colorful shop: 1001-TRESORS-du-SUD.fr – Antje Beurtheret – 2 Rue Les Eglantines Frontignan F – 341110 Frankreich


Great pics by Antje!!

  Take a look at what our nice french retailer Anjte did!! She was very busy! 🙂 She used our Snap-On Bails and our headpins with matching beads. Here you can visit her really sweet colorful shop: 1001-TRESORS-du-SUD.fr – Antje Beurtheret – 2 Rue Les Eglantines Frontignan F – 341110 France


Multicolor and Magic – Mini-Tutorials

Here you can find a few ideas what to do with Multicolor light/dark and Magic  – frit as well as powder.   Multicolor dark Fritt, Nugget or Powder on clear glass or on top of white frit     Multicolor dunkel Puder  Multicolor dunkel – make a base bead of clear glass – roll it


Glassartist: Stephanie Hartmann

Glass art in person: Today we are presenting you Stephanie Hartmann and her works! How it all started … During her studies to become an oclist she first came in touch with glass work: on an excursion about the making of glass eyes. And fascinated by the hot glass, all it’s colors and shapes, she


Wigwag – Tutorial by Stephanie Hartmann

Stephanie zeigt uns ihre Wigwags!   Stephanie shows her vivid WigWags!   Here a short tutorial about how to make wonderfully colorful Wigwags with frit.Stephanie’s WigWags   To make WigWags you need mandrel white glass rod Capri Fischer – Capri’s Fishers stringer in deepblack by Reichenbach punty for pulling Instruction I make a large blob


Black & White

Black & White   Black & White Months ago we came up with the idea of making a newsletter featuring black and white. And the more we worked with b&w, the more interesting the topic became. Now we could fill more than one newsletter with the possibilities of black and white glass, but don’t worry,