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Bat – Tutorial

  Bat with a sheen thanks to Multicolor-dark-Powder and formed with the help of the Vetromagic Petalmagic Plier. https://www.youtube-nocookie.com/embed/pzx_78QkO_0?rel=0 Multicolor dark Powder


Snake – Tutorial

How to make little snakes: Before you start: First you should ask yourself, what you want to use the snake for, and do you therefor need a small or a larger hole. A larger hole is needed if you want to bead it on more than one threads, or i fit should become a Pandora/Troll-style-bead.


Icicle – Tutorial

  Suitable für the coldest time of the year we created an icicle-tutorial for you. The good thing about them is – they wont melt! For our icicles and other frosty-ideas we made up a new blend: Kühles Eis/Cool Ice   here you find Kühles Eis/Cool Ice   And all who love big icecrystalls use our