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Colorful Earstuds – make them yourself easily!

The tutorial for your own personalized earstuds!

We wrote down a tutorial for you how to bead directly onto our new surgical steel earstuds to get beautiful individual earstuds without glueing!
Use it with all our blends – they will look great!



How to make Earstuds – step by step manual –
with pictures an explanations!

PDF for Download and ready for printout.

Here we used Orange Fire-Frit for our earstuds!

Our Earstuds are made of surgical steel and you can get them in the following packages: 

(length 1,3 cm) und XL (length 1,5 cm)

* 10 pairs (Normal und XL)
* 20 pairs (Normal und XL)
* 40 pairs (Normal)
* 50 pairs (Normal und XL)
* 100 pairs (Normal)

Here you find our ear studs – NormalXL



You need:
– 1 luster terminal
– 1 mandrel (you can use an old one – it can be slightly crooked)
– small slotted screwdriver
– perhaps a Stanleyknife

Remove the metall inside the luster terminal
– unscrew both screws and push out the metall
– if this does not work, cut the plastic with the knife

Attention! Achtung! Mind your fingers!

Then assemble mandrel and luster terminal like shown on the picture below:

fix the mandrel with one screw, earstud, wire or headpin with the 2. screw

get started!

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