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Glasartist: Michaela Klamert

Glass art in person:
Michalela Klamert’s Stringer-Story!


Michaela about herself

Michaela says about herself that she is – in the star sign of Pisces – very  sensitive and emotional and easily takes something to heart. In addition, she is  also funny, strong-willed, energetic and interested in many things: classical music, quantum physics, medicine … and glass, of course =)

As a child she wanted to paint, play the piano, write or act, trying to express her imagination, ideas and feelings. However, it took a few years until she could finally clear all obstacles that prevented her from her artistic career and found her true passion: working with glass. Four years ago she decided to make this activity her profession.


An overview of Michaela’s works


The hot glass

Working with glass is far more for her than just an enjoyable activity. It is very important to her to be able to give her ideas, colors, images, moods and feelings a form and expression. Thus, depending on her constitution, skulls, large round beads, delicate creature or nonsensical creatures are created. „The Flow“ ist more important for her large and colorful pieces than precision.As her works are all unique pieces, it is sometimes difficult for her to make clear to people that she doesn’t want to reproduce works. Besides the fact that in the best case only a similar, but never the same piece can be made.



She is inspired by many things that she sees in everyday life: plants, animals, shapes, colors …

She sells her jewelry at markets and exhibitions and also has an Etsy shop, but due to lack of time the shop is currently empty. She also manufactures  jewels on customer wishes, but must have her artistic freedom.


Visit Michaela’s Website: www.poppyglasperlen.at


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