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Crispy frit stringer tutorial by Michaela

„I’ve been making glass jewelry for many years now, and something that has inspired me from the beginning, were striped stringer. For example, the classic green and black striped stringer on encased  flower beads or the colorful, striped Stringer, with which I apply the flowers on my ‚youth style beads‘. I love the delicate lines on the stringers – in English you would say ‚crisp‘. However, I soon noticed that the beads look livelier and more interesting when I added not only stripes in dark blue on a light blue blob  but also brown or turquoise.
My friend Verena was telling me for many months, if not to say years: ‚I’m doing my flowers stringers with frit, which look very nice.‘ And Verena’s beads ARE indeed really beautiful!









I have hardly ever used frit, but because Verena was so adorable stubborn, I tried them and well, not ‚crisp‘ enough for me.
Until I then came up with the idea of a combination:

1) Glassblob rolled in frit, 1-3 times – depending on the desired effect

2) melt them in

3) press it into a graphite press to get the regular grooves

4) and then add stripes with a matching color

5) pull a stringer

– finished!

I am so thrilled by the result! The photos speak for themselves :-D.“


Thank you, Michaela, for your personal introduction, the great photos and your wonderful tutorial!



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