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Glassartist: Sid Palle

Glass art in person:

Sid Palle


Sid lives in Lower Austria and switched from the „crocheting- and threading-fraction“ 2008 to beadmaking. Besides her fulltime job, family with three kids and her cats there is only time left on the weekends for her beloved hobby. Her studio – that she affectionately calls her „bead bunker“ – is fully equipped for beadmaking by now and in there she excessively experiments, talks to friends, laughs and relaxes alsone and with friends.

„The bead bunker is my retreat. I enjoy the stillness, the flame and the colors.“

Here you can see a small range of her works, more information you will find on our website and in the forum „Perlentreff“.

How does Sid see herself?

In boutiques she converts prizes into glass quantities, experiments with different styles and loves to try new things. Working with glass is a special kind of luxury for her: „I see it as a privilege not to live on beadmaking but doing it just for pleassure, and I am very thankful for that!“

Thank you 

We are very thankful that she took the time to give us an impression about what beadmaking means to her.

Thank you very much, Sid!


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